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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) anchors these efforts by promoting and supporting research by undergraduates throughout campus. OUR serves all students with interests and talents in research. The OUR office is located at 6 Gilmore Hall and provides advising on how to get involved, training and development opportunities, and funding. Contact them at undergraduate-research@uiowa.edu or visit https://our.research.uiowa.edu/. 

The University of Iowa depends on robust and creative research efforts, and honors students are able to receive honors credit for participating. There are many opportunities for honors students to get involved in research and creative activities at the University of Iowa, and not just in the sciences! Research happens in every department and major on campus. Research can be done with UIowa faculty members (known as mentored research) or as your own project as a part of earning honors in your major.


  1. A S.H. CREDIT-BEARING RESEARCH COURSE: Register for a credit-bearing research course such as HONR:3994 or departmental research courses such as BIOL:3994. Consult your principle advisor (or ICRU) about major research courses as electives.
  2. VOLUNTEER/PAID/0 S.H. RESEARCH: If you are engaged in research on a volunteer basis, a paid basis, or for a 0 credit hour course such as URES:3992,  then you would fill out the Honors Reflection Process in order to get credit.

If you’re not sure if your research fits in either of these options, reach out to a Peer Mentor or one of our advising staff members.

Credit Bearing Offerings

The following research opportunities appear automatically on your honors degree audit: