It may take up to 12 hours to receive the form by email.

Form Deadline:

This form is due by the fifth day of class each semester.

Enhance your skills and performance in research. The HONR:3994 Honors Research Practicum allows honors students engaging in research under the supervision of a University of Iowa faculty member to earn honors credit. Practicum experiences include learning basic laboratory techniques, assisting with experiments, or completing an experiment of the student’s choosing. Honors students collaborate with an Iowa faculty member to design research theories, methods and outcomes, schedule assignments, and structure grading criteria.

To Enroll:

  1. Meet with your instructor and negotiate the terms of your independent study.
  2. Fill out the web form below and click submit.
  3. Your form will be emailed to you. Print this email, sign it, and have your instructor sign it.
  4. Register for HONR:3994 by selecting your instructor's name from the drop-down list in MyUI.
  5. Fill out this Workflow form, which will also be signed by your instructor: Honors Independent Study Form.

Important Information:

  • Grading: A-F (honors credit will not be awarded if a non-passing grade is received)
  • Students conducting paid research cannot also receive course credit. Enroll in URES:3992 (zero-credit hour registration) to earn honors credit for your paid research experience.
  • Your instructor certifies satisfactory completion of your plan of study by submitting a grade for your work.
  • If your instructor's name does not appear in the instructor list, email with their name and department to have them added to the list.
  • Registered students are expected to commit three hours per week to the experience for each credit hour earned.
  • If you have not received permission from the instructor to add this section, your enrollment may be administratively dropped.