Applications for Spring semester program membership are available the first business day of October and close the first business day of December annually.
Applications for Fall semester program membership are available the first business day of March and close the first business day of May annually.

  1. Current UI students who are completing an application to join the program are REQUIRED to meet with an honors Peer Mentor as they develop their application materials. Students who do not meet with a Peer Mentor prior to applying will be automatically denied.
  2. Current UI students must have a minimum of one full time semester completed at the University of Iowa (or another college if a transfer student to Iowa) to be considered for Honors.
  3. Applicants are reminded that in order to graduate with University Honors, in addition to completing the curriculum, they will need a 3.33 UI cumulative GPA or greater at graduation.
  4. Applications are available to students new to the program as well as those who were previously members and would like to join again. Students who were previously in the program might also consider the appeal process detailed below.

Application Closed

Application will open the first business day of October 2023 and closes first business day of December 2023. The spring semester timing is March and May respectively.


There are three main questions on the current student application.

  • Medium answer:  Please list 3 activities or commitments that are meaningful to you. Tell us what you learned about yourself while engaged in the activity/commitment. (500 words or less)
    • These activities can be from high school or college. They can be a job you held, a student organization, research group, and more.
  • Medium answer: Tell us about something you can't stop thinking about. (500 words or less).
  • Please list three to five courses you would plan to take in order to fulfill the 12sh honors coursework requirements. (Students are encouraged to review the coursework page of our website to prepare this answer.)
  • Please describe how you plan to complete the required 12 credits in experiential learning prior to graduating. (Students are encouraged to review the experiential learning page of our website to prepare this answer.)

Students won't be required to complete the University Honors curriculum exactly as they have laid out in their answers. However, we do want to see that students have seriously considered the program requirements and understand how they might work towards program completion. Honors Peer Mentors can help with the preparation of your answers to questions 3 and 4 listed here.

Past University Honors Members

Students who:

  • were previously in the program, and
  • took at least one honors course in the past

may choose to complete an appeal process to re-join the program rather than completing the application. The appeal process is available during the entirety of the fall and spring semesters and requires that the appealing student meets with an Honors Professional Staff Member and construct a detailed plan for completing the 24 honors credits (12 coursework and 12 experiential learning) required to graduate with University Honors. 

Students should schedule an appointment with a Professional Staff Member and be prepared to discuss specific plans for any remaining honors coursework and experiential credits needed. Ahead of your appointment, review your University Honors degree audit. You can do this using the "What If" selection option.  Review the University Honors curricular requirements and opportunities for options that interest you.

In meeting with your peer mentor, you will create a bulleted list of the honors credit already completed and a bulleted plan (or plans) for completing the remaining credit needed by graduation. Email the plan to your peer mentor. The peer mentor will forward the plan with their recommendation to the Honors Advising Staff for approval. 

Appeals will be reviewed for approval within two weeks of submission.

You must meet honors membership and curricular requirements in order to remain a member of the University Honors Program.