Iowa City features an extraordinary amount of opportunities to immerse yourself in art, athletics, culture, politics, writing, and more. Because our state has long paid terrific attention to international relations, Honors at Iowa has partnered with the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council (ICFRC) to support students interested in learning more about these topics.

Honors at Iowa sponsors free participation for honors students interested in the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council. Almost weekly, the ICFRC hosts expert discussions of global issues by statesmen, scholars, scientists, journalists, students, and more. 

Honors students can RSVP on the Honorable Messenger or at!

Can't make it but still want to hear what the featured speaker has to say? Check out the archives on City Channel 4's YouTube channel here!

Some of our most popular speakers and topics include:

  • Michael Zmolek, Seven Myths About Immigration (Watch Now)
  • zp dala: Sister Wives, Female Comrades in South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Struggles (Watch Now)
  • Blake Rupe, Health, Wealth, and Waste: Social Entrepreneurship in Global Health and Beyond (Watch Now)
  • Janine di Giovanni, The Human Face of the Middle East Refugee Crisis (Watch Now)

ICFRC Events Calendar