Courtney Dage, a global health studies major and rising senior, highlights the community-building benefits of Honors Primetime and interaction with peers and professors in honors sections of science classes.

Dear Prospective Student,

My name is Courtney Dage, and I am currently a third-year student at the University of Iowa. I am from Bloomington, Illinois, and I am majoring in global health studies. I chose Iowa largely because of its strength in both science and research and its beautiful campus. After being in Iowa City for nearly three years, I can confidently say I made the right decision. While the campus is amazing, I have also been able to make great connections and learn a ton too!

I have been a part of the UI Honors Program since my first semester at Iowa, and I have absolutely loved it. My first experience with the program was Honors Primetime which occurred the week prior to the start of classes. Due to the pandemic my experience was mostly virtual, but I was still able to connect with several other honors students! This experience also allowed me to familiarize myself with campus and feel comfortable before the start of classes.

Another great experience I had with the honors program was when I took an honors section of Foundations of Biology. The teaching assistant for my lab ended up being the chair of the Biology Department who was one of the course professors, and I was in a class with like-minded peers. The course was more fascinating than I had expected because the teaching assistant was extremely knowledgeable on the course content. I am grateful I had the opportunity to take this section.

The honors program at the University of Iowa has provided me with so many great opportunities and has allowed me to connect with both peers and professors. I can confidently say I have found an amazing community with honors. I hope you consider attending the University of Iowa and joining our honors program here!


Courtney Dage