Honors classes at Iowa allow you to build a foundation of knowledge through honors coursework while building relationships with your peers and faculty. In your honors classes you can expect to learn with your peers, be challenged by your instructor, and have the flexibility to approach the material in new and exciting ways.
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  • New members must enroll in at least one honors class by their first fall semester in the program.
  • Entering first-years must** enroll in an Honors First-Year Seminar (offered by various departments)
  • Many incoming first-year students enroll in Honors Primetime.
  • Current and transfer students can browse our offerings or look for options offered by their major.
  • A minimum of 12 semester hours are required. These must be completed in your first four semesters in the program.*

*If students are enrolled part-time, each 12sh of coursework earned is equal to one "semester" for honors coursework deadlines.
**Students with a required first year seminar for their major are exempt from this requirement

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Please note:

Sometimes courses contain the word "honors" in the title but do not count for University Honors. These are courses that may be used towards honors in a specific major. University Honors courses, in contrast, can be found on MyUI as explained below and will typically appear on your grade report with an "H" next to the number of credits. Classes that count as University Honors coursework appear on your University Honors degree audit in the "Building Knowledge" section.

Find Honors Classes

Ready to explore honors sections? Here's how! On MyUI, click "YES" under the "Advanced" section titled "Honors Sections." The page will list all honors classes available for that given semester.