In your honors courses you can expect to learn with your peers, be challenged by your instructor, and have the flexibility to approach the material in new and exciting ways.
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  • New members must enroll in at least one honors course in their first full semester in the program.
  • Incoming fall-semester first-year students must take an honors first-year seminar or a required seminar within your major.
  • A majority of incoming first-year students enroll in Honors Primetime.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of honors course credit in their first four semesters of the program.

Email or meet with the Honors Records, Enrollment, and Analytics Specialist, Mark Archibald, if you have questions.

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Please note:

Sometimes courses contain the word "honors" in the title but do not count toward completion of the Honors Program. Honors Program courses can be found on MyUI as explained below. Classes that count as Honors Program coursework appear on your Honors Program degree audit in the "Building Knowledge" section.

Find Honors Classes

Ready to explore honors sections? Here's how! On MyUI, click "YES" next to "Honors." The page will list all honors classes available for that given semester.