Honors at IOWA enriches the undergraduate experience by cultivating intellectual curiosity and practical skill through challenging coursework, creative engagement, and experiential learning to nurture a deeper understanding of one's discipline and self.

Are you...

  • a student who loves to learn?
  • curious about the world?
  • ready to try something new?

Then join Honors at Iowa because...

  • our program curriculum challenges you through seminar-style classes and motivates you to gain new experiences through participating in research, study abroad, internships, and more,
  • we offer a community within the larger University of Iowa setting that provides personal guidance, challenge with flexibility, and welcomes you to explore your interests,
  • we value self-discovery and global awareness and help you during your path towards both while at Iowa.

Benefits Include:

  • small, honors-only classes featuring an enriched classroom environment and hands-on experiences.
  • honors-only residence halls and living-learning communities.
  • exclusive updates about honors events, opportunities, scholarships, and resources.
  • access to honors professional staff and peer mentors.
  • the ability to graduate with University Honors.

This is not another AP class.
This is not your high school's honors program.
This is Honors at Iowa, a place to make your connection.

Ready? Here are your next steps:

  1. Check our eligibility requirements and see if you qualify.
  2. Schedule a visit. We'd love to meet you!
  3. Learn more about Honors Housing, an option for first-year students.
  4. Prepare for your Honors Orientation.
  5. New to Iowa? Consider Honors Primetime.
  6. Review Membership Requirements.