Welcome from the Director

Hello and thank you for visiting the Honors at Iowa website. There are many similarities between honors programs nationwide, yet each has a distinct identity. Our program’s uniqueness is captured by our tagline, Make Your Connection. We strive to help our students first and foremost to make a connection with themselves – that is, to find out who they are and where they want to go. We think that’s the logical and most profitable place to begin, and particularly for high capability students, who typically can do more than one thing well. Through our staff, through our student center and honors residence halls, and through honors classes and contact with honors faculty, we’ll help students to make connections both within and without.

My own role in this is to provide the resources for our students to succeed, whether that is through the honors staff, course offerings, research opportunities, or scholarships. Please contact me personally if you have questions or concerns about the program. I’d be happy to respond.

Warm Regards,

Art L. Spisak, PhD
Director, University of Iowa Honors Program

Our Mission

Honors at IOWA enriches the undergraduate experience by cultivating intellectual curiosity and practical skill through challenging coursework, creative engagement, and experiential learning to nurture a deeper understanding of one's discipline and self.

Are you a student who loves to learn, is curious about the world, and is ready to try something new? Join Honors at Iowa because:

  • we engage and challenge our students through seminar-style classes that give them a broad and varied knowledge base,
  • we enable our students to engage in experiential learning through participating in undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, and more,
  • and we help them with their self-discovery process through the personal guidance, community, and many other opportunities (some quite unique) that we offer as part of membership.

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