An alternative assignment is being offered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This project is open to all Honors students (except incoming students) and up to 3 experiential learning credits can be earned right from home.

Project Description

Your study abroad and internship plans for summer 2020 may have been upended by the pandemic, but there's still a wide world of ideas and knowledge to explore! Honors has developed a summer 2020 introspective assignment, the Honors Summer 2020 Project, to resource and reward you for staying intellectually engaged with your professional and academic goals. The project will count towards your honors experiential learning requirement.

Similar to the honors reflection assignments for study abroad and internships, you will complete a pre-experience questionnaire and a post-experience questionnaire. More than a reflection, the Summer 2020 Project is an introspective research assignment making connections between the present difficulties and your professional/academic aspirations. The assignment itself, which is described below, is available to all honors students regardless of major or summer plans and will earn up to 3 honors credits in experiential learning. The pre-experience questionnaire must be completed by 06/01/20, and the post-experience questionnaire and submission will be due by 09/01/20

Quick Links

Step 1: Read the Instructions

Scroll down the page and read the Honors Summer 2020 Project Description and look at the Rubric. If this opportunity for Experiential Learning Credits is something you would like to take advantage of, please continue!

Step 2: Identify a Project Topic

Think about what professional or academic goals are most salient for you right now. Are any of these goals being impacted by the COVID19 outbreak and campus response? That may be the topic you want to engage with for this assignment!

Step 3: Complete the Pre-Experience Questionnaire

This consists of a few basic questions. It is designed to help you begin considering your intended outcomes for the Summer 2020 Project.

Click here to navigate to the pre-experience questionnaire. 

Due by June 1st, 2020.

Step 4: Do the Project!

Get creative! Push your comfort zone! Engage!

Step 5: Complete the Post-Experience Questionnaire 

Click here to navigate to the post-experience questionnaire. This is the place where you can comment on how you were able to engage with this Project, and hopefully help you tie together the benefits you gained from completing the Project. Some of your answers here will be evaluated as part of the Project.

Due by September 1st, 2020

Step 6: Submit the Project

Click here to navigate to the form to submit your project.

Due by September 1st, 2020

Project Guidelines

Click here to learn more about the project, develop a deeper understanding of the requirements, and find a rubric detailing the process. Contact with questions!