What I Do:

In my role as Director of Scholar Development, I offer expert support and tailored resources to: 

all undergraduate students and recent alumni as they consider how specific scholarship and fellowship opportunities can support your larger intellectual, professional, and creative goals

applicants and institutional nominees as they craft original essays and research proposals, build reciprocal relationships with faculty and community mentors, and prepare for individual and group interview experiences

faculty, staff, community leaders, and past scholars as they mentor and support applicants, as well as in their development of strong, representative letters of recommendation

Prospective fellowship applicants are encouraged to schedule an initial scholar development conference as soon as they are aware of their interest in an opportunity.  Establishing an early connection to available scholar development resources, workshop opportunities, and one-on-one advising serves everyone involved in this challenging and rewarding process. Please note: While my office is situated in the Blank Honors Center and I do have formal connections to the Honors Program, students do NOT need to be members of the Honors community to work with me or be nominated for a national fellowship competition.

The Director of Scholar Development manages these opportunities:

National Fellowships and Post-graduate Funding Opportunities:

Many national scholarship and fellowship opportunities require that prospective applicants go through a campus nomination competition before they are eligible for endorsement by their institution and for consideration by the sponsoring funding organization. At the University of Iowa, this process is coordinated by our Director of Scholar Development and supported by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and the UI Undergraduate Fellowships Committee (UFC), a diverse spectrum of faculty, staff, and past scholars whose relevant knowledge and experience strengthen the selection and preparation of our national and international candidates.  In the list below, opportunities requiring institutional nomination are marked with an asterisk*.

P.S. "Where do I start?" is the question I hear a lot from students at all stages of their education. The range of scholarship and funding resources available to undergraduates at the University of Iowa can be overwhelming. To help students narrow the field and shake off the paralysis that so often happens at beginning of any funding search, I've pulled together some basic information to help applicants kick start their search. To view our starter search guide, click here.