This scholarship was set up by Dave and Una Wu, Sean’s parents, in commemoration of their son, who passed away during his freshmen year at the University of Iowa. Sean was an Honors student with an engaging personality, with particular interests in film, music, and creative writing. Their goal is to be able to help students who have overcome hardship in their academic pursuits.



Gabriel Simpson

Gabriel's area of study is ethics and public policy. He has research interest in economics and political science. He works as an assistant to Iowa State Senator Jim Carlin. Outside of academics, he is involved in his church. During his free time, he enjoys reading, exercising, and watching sports.

"The advice that I would give is to be involved in as many opportunities as you can be in order to broaden your horizons. However, at the same time, make sure to prioritize your studies and not let your extra-circulars get in the way of academics."