Recognizes extraordinary academic performance, promise of academic excellence, and a demonstrated potential for growth and connection within the Honors community through scholarship, research, leadership or service.  

  • Number Awarded: Varies each award year
  • Department or College: Any Undergraduate Departmental Major
  • Awarded to an incoming Honors student



Rabiah Na'Allah

Rabiah is an incoming graphic design major with hopes to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country for her minor. In high school, Rabiah was heavily involved in her school's Speech team and Foreign Language Club. She was a dedicated leader in her local Muslim youth committee and plans to channel her drive and passion as an active member of UIowa's MSA. Rabiah loves being creative, having fun and absolutely cannot wait for the fall!

"Although I haven't gotten a chance to fully experience what Honors at Iowa is like, I can already say as soon as I was admitted to the program, I felt I was part of an intimate community. From the people I talked to during my college visit to the group of Honors kids I've befriended via facebook and snapchat, I feel so welcomed. I would wholeheartedly advise any student headed to the University of Iowa to apply for Honors because of the opportunities you're given to be involved. I'm so pumped for the seminars, honors classes and activities I get to be part of, and I can foresee it making my time at Iowa more worthwhile."

Shivani Manikandan

From a young age Shivani Manikandan has had a passion for medicine and currently works as a Certified Nursing Aide. As a long term goal, she plans to pursue a medical degree and specialize in immunology. Over the past year, she has loved taking part in the Ahern Lab as a laboratory assistant and learning about ion channels. In the coming years, Shivani hopes to get involved in research related to virology and immunology.

"As one such student, I am not sure I have much advice to give. However, what I have learned from moving more than a few time over the years is to always be open to new experiences and get involved as much as and soon as possible. I think it helps you meet new people and discover interests you never knew you had."