The Dewey B. Stuit Scholarship for Excellence recognizes extraordinary academic performance, promise of continued excellence within the major, and a demonstrated connection to the Honors community through scholarship, research, leadership or service.  

Meet the recipients, below!


Zachary Vig

From the physics classroom to the orchestra hall, Zach participates in a wide range of activities at the University of Iowa. Along with being involved in the Society of Physics Students and in geophysics research through the Earth and Environmental Sciences department, Zach also plays the Viola in the University of Iowa Symphony Orchestra, and is involved in student ministry through the Newman Catholic Student Center. Zach holds a position as a Faith Formation Fellow at the Newman Center.

"Do what you love to do! Often times students feel pressured into getting involved in activities for the sole purpose of putting them on a resume. Doing these types of career-focused activities is great, and if that's what you love to do, even better! Just recognize that doing something you love will always find a way to get you closer to your goals, even if the connection isn't 100% clear."