University of Iowa

Thank you for your interest in Honors at Iowa's scholarship opportunities.

As a result of the generous investment of our community of support, Honors at Iowa is able to offer a wide range of scholarships and awards to our undergraduate students each academic year. 

For more information, visit our opportunity listing or check out our 2018-19 Deadline Schedule.

Our Honors Scholarship Coordinator manages the following opportunities:

Honors at Iowa Scholarships:

  • Dewey Stuit Scholarships for Excellence in the First and Second Years
  • Rhodes Dunlap First, Second, and Third Year Scholarships
  • The Richard Tyner Scholarship
  • The Guy D. and Betty J. Williams Scholarship
  • The Kay Keeshan Hamod Scholarship
  • The James D. Robertson Award For Excellence in the Social Sciences
  • Honors at Iowa Experiential Travel Grants - Moving to the Iowa Scholarship Portal in 2019!

2016 Scholar Collage