A word about who UI Undergraduate Fellowships serves on campus:

All currently enrolled undergraduates are welcome to schedule appointments and attend our workshops, informational presentations, or peer review sessions.   Though UI Undergraduate Fellowships is housed in the Blank Honors Center, we value and support the work, dreams, and goals of any undergraduate student who is interested the challenge of developing a stronger scholarship or fellowship application through engagement with our scholar development resources and activities. Membership in the UI Honors Program is not required.

How do I make an appointment with the Director of Scholar Development?

Current members of the UI Honors Program are able to schedule appointments through MyUI.  From there, students can see my availability and schedule a conference.

  1. When you are logged on to MyUI, go to the Student Information screen
  2. Click on the “Advising Appointment” button
  3. Choose “My Advisor” from drop-down list of options to schedule a new appointment
  4. From the next drop down list, choose Kelly Thornburg
  5. You will then see my available office hours for the next week.  Select an available time that works for you

If you are a graduate student, an alum, or an undergraduate who is not currently a member of the Honors Program, you may view my availability or make an appointment in Outlook365:

  1. Login to Outlook356
  2. Click on the Calendar app
  3. Open a new event and invite “Kelly Thornburg” as an attendee
  4. Then click on “Scheduling Assistant” (Third option in the menu bar)
  5. Click on an available window (or enter it into the appointment event)
  6. Describe the reason for your appointment (be sure to include your name in the title)
  7. Hit “Save” to suggest a meeting time.  I will respond as soon as I am able to do so

What should I do to prepare for my conversation with the DSD?:

To make the most of an initial appointment, I encourage the following steps prior to your conference:

  • Conduct a preliminary search before the scheduled appointment to familiarize yourself with the range of opportunities available.  This will allow for a much more productive planning conversation.  For guidance on how to get started with this step, visit the "Conducting your search" section of our website.
  • Share a current resume/CV and a writing sample with me at kelly-thornburg@uiowa.edu at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled conference.
  • Consider your motivation.  Students often expect their initial conference to primarily focus on eligibility and application administration.  Applying for a fellowship - or any genuinely rewarding opportunity - requires more attention and reflection than you might expect, so prospective applicants should be prepared to dig into the following questions:
    • Why? More specifically, what is driving your interest in a specific opportunity?
    • What is the problem/question you are most drawn to in your work and life?
    • What isn't working in your field/discipline/area and what do you want to do about it?
    • What do you want other people to trust you with in your professional life?

When are the DSD's Office Hours?

Due to increasing demand for individual appointments and the underutilization of drop-in availability, I am not currently holding office hours.  Instead, I invite students to make use of the extensive resources available on our website to refine their questions and build a list of opportunities they are most interested in exploring with me in conversation during scheduled one-on-one appointments. If none of the available appointment times are manageable due to work schedules or other extenuating circumstances, do not hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email.  If it is necessary and possible to do so, I am willing to work with students to find a time to meet that works for both parties outside of my established SDC schedule.