Do not fill this out when:

  • You are enrolled with a research course code (such as HONR:3994, URES:3993, or URES:3994) that is already showing up on your honors degree audit with more than 0 credits. You can see a full list of course codes honors will automatically recognize here. Students enrolled in URES:3995 also do not need to complete the form. Although URES:3995 is a 0-credit registration, ICRU fellowships earn a fixed number of honors credits (3 credits per fall/spring semester, 5 credits per summer).
    • WHY: Some research registrations will automatically count as research credit on your honors degree audit.
  • You are completing research with someone other than a UIowa faculty member, such as the work done through an REU. Research that is not mentored by a UIowa faculty member can be treated like an internship for honors credit purposes.
  • For research experiences from Spring 2021 onward, students are required to complete the Honors Reflection Process, which is initiated by the Pre-Experience Questionnaire. This replaces the need to fill out the Research Verification Form.

Fill this out when:

  • Your mentored research experience is not already credited on your honors degree audit and you wish to count your experience toward University Honors.
    • WHY: If we don't know about your research experience and our student records system isn't already set up to recognize it, we don't know to give you credit unless you fill out this form. Similarly, 0-credit registrations cannot be awarded honors credit without a research verification form.
  • The research you are reporting occurred prior to Spring 2021.

You might want to fill this out when:

  • Your research will ultimately be part of a project completed for honors in your major.
    • WHY: Completing honors in the major satisfies the total credits needed for experiential learning. However, if something happens that prevents you from completing honors in the major, you'll at least have the research credits verified ahead of time.

What to know:

  • Submit one research experience per semester per form. Multiple submissions per student are allowed.
  • Students should typically submit towards the end of or just after the semester (or summer) in which you are completing research so that we can accurately recognize the hours you have worked. However, in the semester in which you plan to graduate, it is best to report current research work by the degree application deadline (typically the end of the sixth week of classes).
  • If approved, your research experience(s) will typically appear on your University Honors degree audit within two weeks.
  • Students can earn a maximum of four honors credits for research in fall and spring semesters, and a maximum of six honors credits for research in the summer. A minimum of 45 hours of work must be done on the research in a single semester or summer in order to qualify for honors credit.
  • Be as exact as possible with start and end dates, and try to provide a single, accurate average of hours worked per week (rather than a range of hours). You may also submit a weekly log of hours rather than a single average. Submissions with vague dates or a large range of hours can sometimes result in fewer credits than you may have actually earned. Honors credits for research are awarded based on the total number of hours worked in a semester or summer (not hours per week).
  • Direct all questions to

Honors Research Verification Form