University of Iowa

Since 2005, UI Undergraduate Fellowships has supported undergraduates and alumni in their successful pursuit of over 200 nationally competitive fellowships including:

In addition to the awards outlined above, our students are members of the Beinecke, Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG), Humanity in Action, Scoville Peace, Boren, DAAD RISE, Amgen Scholars, UK/US Fulbright Summer Institute, and Princeton in Asia fellowship communities.

UI Honors students and alumni honored as scholars, finalists, or honorable mentions


  • Austin Hughes, Rhodes Scholar
  • Melissa Lauer, Rhodes Finalist
  • Hannah Gulick, Goldwater Scholar
  • Russell Martin, Goldwater Scholar
  • Guowei Qi, Goldwater Scholar
  • Jian Jing, Soros Finalist - MFA Candidate, UI Writers' Workshop
  • Elijah Bratsch-Prince, Boren Fellowship, Jordan, Critical Language Scholarship, Morocco
  • Mark Schoen, Critical Language Scholarship, Indonesia
  • Angel Tracta, Critical Language Scholarship
  • Zainab Makky, Benjamin Gilman Scholarship, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Theodore Van Winkle, Benjamin Gilman Scholarship, Vienna, Austria
  • Alexander Bare, Fulbright ETA, Columbia, Critical Language Scholarship, Arabic
  • Dani Lipman, Fulbright Research Grant, China
  • Lydia Sinclair, Fulbright ETA Grant, Spain
  • Jenna McCoy, Fulbright ETA Grant, Spain
  • Jeffrey Clark, Fulbright ETA Grant, South Korea
  • Claire Carmichael, Fulbright Research Grant, Brazil
  • Nicholas Grandstaff, Fulbright Research Grant, Netherlands


  • Rachel Zuckerman, Schwarzman Scholar
  • Jacob Isbell, Gates Cambridge Finalist
  • Alex Marti, Gilman Scholarship 
  • Austin Hughes, Beinecke Scholar
  • Elijah Bratsch-Prince, Critical Language Scholar
  • Alexander Bare, Critical Language Scholar
  • Ojas Pradhan, Goldwater Scholar
  • Hannah Gulick, Goldwater Honorable Mention
  • Rae Corrigan, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Mallory Tollefson, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Jorge Moreno, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Sophia Mallaro, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Nathaniel Weger, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Nicholas McCarty, NSF GRFP Honorable Mention
  • Rachel Maggi, Fulbright Research Grant - India
  • Tom Bowman, Fulbright ETA Grant - Bulgaria
  • Anya Kim, Fulbright Research Grant - Spain
  • Jamil Kochai, UI MFA Candidate, Soros Fellowship Finalist
  • Natalia Reyes, UI MFA Candidate, Soros Fellow
  • Gustave Stewart, Udall Scholar - Environmental Advocacy
  • Cheyenne Binder, Udall Scholar - Tribal Advocacy


  • Jacob Simpson, Finalist, Truman Scholarship
  • Christopher Page, Alfa Fellow
  • Jill Hauer, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Lily Jane Doershuk, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Nicholas McCarty, Fulbright Research Grant - United Kingdom, Imperial College London
  • Samantha Westphal, Fulbright ETA - Argentina
  • Alexis Koch, Fulbright ETA - Spain
  • Samantha Korns, Fulbright ETA - Russia
  • Kelsey O'Donnell, Fulbright ETA - Taiwan
  • Ian Dunshee, Fulbright Research Grant - Martinique
  • Jacob Isbell, Goldwater Scholar
  • Lance Heady, Goldwater Honorable Mention, Amgen Scholar - MIT


  • Kristina McLaughlin, Rotary Global Grant
  • Laura Wang, Fulbright ETA - Taiwan
  • Kristofer May, Fulbright ETA - Russia
  • Anya Kim, Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute
  • Rae Corrigan, Goldwater Scholar
  • Erin Maier, Goldwater Scholar
  • Nicholas McCarty, Goldwater Scholar
  • Tom Werner, Goldwater Honorable Mention
  • Kathryn Langenfeld, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Ian Nessler, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Lily Jane Doershuk, Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Lauren Freeman, Truman Finalist
  • Jeffrey Ding, Rhodes Scholar, Marshall Finalist


  • Allison Kindig, Gates Cambridge Scholar
  • Kasra Zarei, Goldwater Scholar
  • Alexandra Bartlett, Goldwater Honorable Mention
  • Carter Bell, Truman Finalist
  • Maddie Bro, Truman Finalist
  • Jeffrey Ding, Truman Scholar, Udall Scholar, Boren Scholar
  • Douglas Baker, Fulbright Research Grant - Japan
  • Julia Cartwright, Fulbright Research Grant - India
  • Acacia Roberts, Fulbright ETA - Morocco
  • Quinn Hejlik, Fulbright ETA - Russia
  • Julia Julstrom-Agoyo, Fulbright ETA - Malaysia
  • Sarah Mayer, Fulbright ETA - Colombia
  • Brittany Callahan, Critical Language Scholarship - Russian
  • Destinee Gwee, Critical Language Scholarship - Chinese
  • Elaine Mou, Critical Language Scholarship - Chinese
  • Laura Wang, Critical Language Scholarship - Chinese
  • Jocelyn Todd, NSF Graduate Research Fellow 

This year we also saw a good group of Honors alumni receive national recognition for their work in the field or at their graduate institutions. 

  • Suzanna Harris, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, UNC at Chapel Hill
  • Katherine Hummels, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Indiana University
  • Allyson Mayer, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Washington University
  • Audrey Williams, Fulbright Recipient, Research Grant - Turkey


  • Liam Hovey, Goldwater Scholar
  • Alexandra Bartlett, Goldwater Honorable Mention
  • Jeffrey Ding, Udall Honorable Mention
  • Sophie Amado, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship - Spain
  • Isaac Rockafellow, Fulbright Research Grant - Ukraine
  • Nicholas Hallman, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship - Turkey
  • Stephanie Mueller, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship - Mongolia
  • Nicholas Rolston, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Ford Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Churchill Finalist
  • Jeffrey Moore, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Sarah Bannon, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Lauren Sillman, Critical Language Scholar - Punjabi


  • Jonathan Bachman, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Thomas Ewing, Carnegie Junior Fellows Program Finalist
  • Derek Heckman, Beinecke Scholar
  • Rebecca McCray, Fulbright Research Grant Winner - Slovenia 
  • Renugan Raidoo, Fulbright Research Grant Finalist - Sierra Leone
  • Alexandra Sturtz, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Finalist - Germany 
  • Margaret Murphy, Humanity In Action Fellowship Finalist 
  • Zacharia Wahls, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Winner 
  • Audrey Williams, Scoville Peace Fellowship Winner
  • Kathleen White, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Onalee Yousey, Critical Language Scholar - Morocco
  • Keyan Zarei, Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention


  • Suzanne Carter, Churchill Scholar,NSF Graduate Research Fellow         
  • Colorado Reed, Churchill Scholar, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Awardee, NDSEG Fellow
  • Allyson Mayer, Goldwater Scholar
  • Nicholas Rolston, Goldwater Scholar
  • Conner Spinks, Truman Scholar
  • Christopher Page, Princeton in Asia Fellow
  • Alexandra Nassif, Fulbright ETA Finalist – Taiwan
  • Brandon Jennings, Critical Language Scholar - Arabic
  • Merideth McFarland, Critical Language Scholar - Arabic
  • Nicholas Pottebaum, Truman Scholar Finalist
  • Bailee McClellan, Udall Honorable Mention
  • Kyle Oskvig, Marshall Scholarship Finalist 
  • Isaac Rockafellow, Amgen Scholar


  • Renugan Raidoo, Rhodes Scholar
  • Joshua Nelson, Humanity in Action Fellow
  • Suzanne Carter, Goldwater Scholar
  • Ashley Angell, Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention
  • Christopher Page, USA Today All-USA College Academic Team 
  • Veena Patel, Truman Scholar
  • Jacqueline Cieslak, Critical Language Scholar - Hindi


  • Lauren Reynolds, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, Turkey
  • Chris Page, Truman Scholar, Udall Scholar
  • Renugan Raidoo, Goldwater Scholar
  • Colorado Reed, Goldwater Scholar
  • Jeffrey Nirschl, Goldwater Scholar
  • Rachel Nathanson, Rhodes Finalist
  • Meredith DeBoom, Rhodes Finalist, Gates Cambridge Finalist


  • Maria Drout, Goldwater Scholar
  • Chris Page, Udall Scholar
  • Rachel Nathanson, Truman Scholar, Udall Honorable Mention
  • Meredith DeBoom, USA Today First Academic Team, Carnegie Junior Fellows Finalist, Rhodes Finalist, Marshall Finalist
  • Atul Nakhasi, USA Today First Academic Team Honorable Mention


  • James Ankrum, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Garth Strohbehn, Gates Cambridge Scholar
  • Thomas Heineman, Goldwater Scholar, Udall Honorable Mention
  • Rachel Levine, Goldwater Scholar
  • Mark Tucker, Goldwater Scholar
  • Maria Drout, Goldwater Honorable Mention
  • Meredith DeBoom, Truman Scholar, Udall Scholar
  • Atul Nakhasi, Truman Finalist
  • Emily Alden, Gates Cambridge Scholar, Rhodes Finalist
  • Catherine Whiting, Gates Cambridge Finalist
  • Andrew Ketterer, Fulbright Grant - Sweden
  • Claire Miller, Fulbright Grant - Indonesia
  • Kevin Owens, Fulbright Grant - Vietnam


  • Bill Liechty, Gates Cambridge Scholar, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Adam Heinger, Gates Cambridge Finalist, Churchill Finalist
  • Evan Sengbusch, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Hertz finalist
  • James Ankrum, Churchill Scholar
  • Jacqueline Leonard, Udall Scholar
  • Sean Williams, Humanity in Action Fellow
  • Nikki Guarino, Fulbright Grant - Korea
  • Catherine Whiting, Goldwater Scholar
  • Garth Strohbehn, Goldwater Scholar