Please note, Primetime 2020 will adhere to the University of Iowa COVID-19 guidelines. 

Q: How much does Primetime cost?

A: We do not charge you a fee to attend Honors Primetime. Participants earn 1 semester hour of honors credit upon successful completion which is factored in to your tuition. UI Housing will charge $35 per day for early move-in to cover costs such as dorm staffing, utilities, building security, and dining hall service.

Q: What is the Primetime schedule? What will I do in Honors Primetime?

A: You will check in at the Blank Honors Center on Monday morning where you will receive your schedule. After check-in, you will attend your first workshop session before moving on to a welcome event. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you will attend full-day (9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) workshops with hand-selected faculty. Primetime concludes on Thursday with the Honors Primetime Symposium, where each group offers a brief presentation on what they learned.

Attendance to all scheduled Primetime workshops and events is mandatory.

Q: Is there homework?

A: Your workshop may require a very minimal amount of homework.

Failure to complete a Primetime homework assignment may result in a non-passing grade for the course.

Q: Which workshop will I be assigned to?

A: Our registration form will ask you to rank 5 interests that you find the most appealing; sometimes these are topics, and sometimes these are characteristics related to course activity (e.g. spending time outside). Interests vary from year to year, and you'll be able to explore topics in art, culture, performance, science, society, writing, and more. The honors program staff will do their best to assign each student a workshop that fits their five ranked interests, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive. While we try to honor your highest-ranked interest, other interests you list may be used to inform which workshop you are assigned to. We limit workshops to about twenty students, so we do have to find a balance between honoring all top-ranked interests and keeping classes small.

You are encouraged to explore topics outside of your planned field of study. Honors Primetime is about making connections, self discovery, and experiential learning. We are unable to reassign you to a different workshop once assignments have been made.

Q: Does Primetime conflict with On Iowa?

A: Primetime does not conflict with any mandatory OnIowa! events.

Q: Can I sign up early?

A: Unfortunately, no. In order to make the registration process fair for everyone, we limit registration to open and close at a specific time.

Q: I signed up for Primetime. Now what?

A: The honors program will send all correspondence to your University of Iowa email address

Be sure to activate your Iowa email account and check it often. We will send you information about Monday check-in, a full schedule, and any other information you need to know or actions you need to take.

Q: I missed the registration deadline. Can I still sign up for Primetime?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to limited resources, we can only accommodate the expected number of students.

Q: Is there a waitlist I can join?

A: Not at this time.

Q: I signed up for Primetime, but now I can’t attend. What should I do?

A: Notify us by calling 319-335-1681 or via email as soon as possible.

There is no penalty for dropping out of Primetime but if you do not notify us, you will receive a non-passing grade for the course.

Q: When do I move in?

A: All Primetime participants (on or off campus) will move in the weekend prior to the start of Primetime. Move in times vary and you will receive information directly from UI Housing on when to move in. Housing will charge a fee of $35 per day for moving in early to a residence hall. If you live in or near Iowa City, we still expect you to move into your residence hall early. This is part of the Primetime experience and helps you to make connections early.

Q: Do I have to contact UI Housing to schedule my move-in date?

A: Yes. Visit the UI Housing Move-In 2020 page for more information. 

Q: Will I be charged for moving in early?

A: Yes.

UI Housing will assess a fee of $35 for each day you move in early to a residence hall and this charge will be applied to your U-bill.

Q: My roommate/friend/parent/sibling wants to come with me to Primetime. Is that okay?

A: No. It's important we keep this experience to first-year honors students only to allow for new connections. However, If you require special accommodations, give us a call at 319-335-1681 or send us an email.