What is the Presidential Scholars Program?

The Presidential Scholars Program (PSP), which is comprised of all the current Presidential Scholars on campus, offers the Presidentials a structured, yet personalized path to their academic and career goals. It does this by promoting student growth and self-discovery through its peer mentoring program, networking with PSP alumni/-ae, academic and social events, community service, academic experiences outside the classroom, and interaction with keynote speakers. Its goal is to encourage and enable Presidential Scholars to push the limits of their potential at Iowa and beyond.

Presidential Scholarship

Established in 1978, the Presidential Scholarship is the premier scholarship opportunity at the University of Iowa. This scholarship, in order to recognize exceptional academic talent, provides significant financial support for the student recipients. For much of its history, the scholarship focused on academic achievement and leadership. This has developed in recent years into five primary criteria, which better prepare our scholars for the University of Iowa and the world:

♦ Exceptional academic ability
♦ Integrity in scholarship, service and leadership
♦ Intellectual curiosity
♦ Commitment to community 
♦ Respect for difference

For more information about PSP members and events, visit here.

Contact Information:

Faculty Advisor: Shaun Vecera, Honors Director
Email Address: shaun-vecera@uiowa.edu 

Staff Advisor: TBD
Email Address: TBD