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Honors Main Desk, 4th Floor

Hey! My name is Sydney Hofferber and I have lived in many different towns around Upstate Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Iowa. My parents currently live in Cedar Rapids, IA, where I now call my hometown.

At the University I am a third-year majoring in Health and Human Physiology: Health Promotion and Engaged Social Innovation (the Honors Major) with a Nonprofit Management Certificate. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the Food Pantry on Campus in the IMU. Currently I am working on some fun projects, like apartment-style gardening and a breastfeeding research study for my ESI Capstone Project. I love running, hiking, camping, watching sitcoms and food documentaries, going to downtown Iowa City with friends, and visiting my boyfriend at Augustana College.

Over the summer, I spent three months is Germany (Ansbach in Bavaria if you are wondering) working with Camp Adventure! It was a crazy experience and a great way to go abroad and learn professionalism, travel skills, and coping mechanisms (on a dime).

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at My advice to freshman (and anyone really) is to decide what is most important in that moment and go for it. Don’t worry about finding a major right away, the right one will stumble over to you. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and take that extra step towards understanding. Always remember that help is everywhere if you have the courage to ask for it.