Honors Peer Mentors are experienced honors students who have been involved with the program in leadership roles. Using their expertise, they will point you to classes and opportunities to enrich your academic experience while meeting the requirements to graduate with University Honors. These students share the conviction that University Honors is not just an achievement, but a community which fosters growth, connections, and self-discovery.

Email a question to one of the peer mentors profiled below or click here to schedule a virtual appointment, where available. Honors professional staff also offer advising. See the People Directory on this website for bios and contact information.

Honors students and pre-law advisor Martha Kirby discuss preparing for law school and connecting Pre-Law to Honors Experiential Learning. (Presentation starts at about 1:45.)


Your Honors Peer Mentors

Individualize your honors education! Peer mentors can help. You can email your advising questions directly to the peer mentor of your choice at any time or, if available, schedule a Zoom appointment. Either an email exchange or online appointment via Zoom will fulfill the honors peer mentoring requirement. Already have a plan for your complete 24 University Honors credits (coursework 12 + experiential 12)? Email your details to a peer mentor for review!

Honors students are required to secure peer mentoring once per academic year until they complete the 12 s.h. coursework requirement. Honors professional staff are also available for advising and can be scheduled via MyUI or reached for advising by email at any time.

Laura Widman



  • Major: Linguistics with a Focus in Teaching English as a Second Language, Ethics and Public Policy, Certificate in International Business, minor in French
  • Involvement: Roosevelt@Iowa, Honors Outreach, Teaching Assistantships, Iowa City Tenants Union
  • Ask me about internships, teaching assistantships, language studies and public policy!
  • Schedule an appointment with Laura here or email laura-widman@uiowa.edu
  • Drop-in hours: 12:00-1:00 PM Friday via Zoom


Austin Adrian



  • Major(s): Accounting, Finance
  • Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity, Tippie Business Honor Society, Device Advice
  • Excited to graduate this year and make the most out of socially distanced education
  • Ask me about the honors program as a business student, movies, or random sports statistics!
  • Schedule an appointment with Austin here or email austin-adrian@uiowa.edu
  • Drop-in hours: 1:00-2:00 PM Tuesday via Zoom


Charles Mascardo



  • Major: Biomedical Engineering (Cellular Engineering/Pre-Medicine), Mathematics Minor
  • Involvement: Research at UIHC/APPIL with Dr. Kaczka's lab, UI Mobile Clinic, Honors Outreach/Summer Ambassadors
  • Favorite fall classes were Creativity in Music and Biochemistry.
  • Ask me about engineering, undergraduate research, or the Honors program!'
  • Schedule an appointment with Charles here or email email charles-mascardo@uiowa.edu
  • Drop-in hours: 12:00 1:00 PM Thursday via Zoom



    Josh Parbs



    • Major(s): Biochemistry with minors in Chemistry and Global Health Studies; certificate in Intercultural Leadership (Pre-Medicine)
    • Involvement: Associated Residence Halls, National Residence Hall Honorary, UIBio, Dance Marathon, Camp Adventure Youth Services, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Volunteer, Mobile Clinic HIV Tester and Patient Advocate, and ICRU Research Fellowship
    • This year I've been taking upper-level science courses, applying to medical school, working with first-generation students, and getting back into dancing.
    • Ask me about undergraduate research, getting involved on campus, the oxford comma, and my rabbit.
    • Schedule an appointment with Josh here or email joshua-parbs@uiowa.edu
    • Drop-in hours: 2:00-3:00 PM Tuesday via Zoom

      Caroline Meek



      • Major: English & Creative Writing on the Publishing track
      • Involvement: Presidential Scholars Program, ICRU Fellow, Teaching Assistantship, earthwords, International Writing Program, Iowa Youth Writing Program, Work Study with the Writers’ Workshop, Study Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland
      • Ask me about research in creative fields, publishing internships, and study abroad in Scotland!
      • Schedule an appointment with Caroline here or email caroline-meek@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 1:00-2:00 PM Monday via Zoom



      Amanda Barrett



      • Major: Psychology and Spanish
      • Involvement: Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma Honors Fraternity, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Developmental Psychopathology Lab), Director of Serve Iowa for Student United Way, Family Representative for Dance Marathon, Honors Administrative Assistant, study abroad in Spain, UIHC Employee
      • My focus this year is deciding my career path and future plans... it's okay to be uncertain!
      • Ask me about study abroad/travel, research, honors involvement, and student volunteering opportunities!
      • Schedule an appointment with Amanda here or email amanda-barrett@uiowa.edu





      Emma Carlson 



      • Major: Interdepartmental Studies on the Health Sciences track, minors in Business Administration and Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine Track 
      • Involvement: Undergraduate Research at UIHC, UIHC Student Leaderboard/hospital volunteering, student athlete tutor through GALC, FSL community and Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, Medicus
      • I'm looking forward to continuing my research, working as a CNA, and (hopefully) watching some football (Go Hawks!).
      • Ask me about getting involved academically and socially on campus, undergraduate research, or the Honors Program
      • Schedule an appointment with Emma here or email emma-carlson@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 1:00 AM -12:00 PM Tuesday via Zoom


      Erin Golden



      • Major: Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry, Philosophy, and Psychology on a Pre-Med track.
      • Involvements: Student Clerk in UIHC Pediatrics, peer leader for the Conversation Practicum, Research Assistant in Neurology (Boes Lab), Recreational Services and Financial Aid Advisory Charter Committees, Nu Rho Psi Neuroscience Honors Society
      • I’m looking forward to furthering my research and taking more neuroscience and philosophy courses!
      • Ask me about registering work for experiential learning credit and experiential learning courses like the Conversation Practicum!
      • Schedule an appointment with Erin here or email lindsay-golden@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 10:30-11:30 AM Friday via Zoom


      Delaney McDowell



      • Major: Human Physiology, Chemistry Minor, Pre-Medicine Track
      • Involvement: Dance Marathon, UIHC Volunteering, Integrative Neurophysiology Lab Research Assistant, Best Buddies, Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Outreach Ambassadors Teaching Assistant, Study Abroad
      • I’m super excited for my Relaxation Techniques class and getting more hours in at my research lab this fall!
      • Ask me about getting involved on campus, the Honors Program, and TV show recommendations (How I Met Your Mother is the best, always)!
      • Schedule an appointment with Delaney here or email mcdowell@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 2:00-3:00 PM Thursday via Zoom


      Carly Heying 



      • Major: History and Spanish with minors in Political Science, English, and Dance; pre-law track
      • Involvement: Presidential Scholars Program; study abroad in Madrid, Spain; internship in the U.S. Senate; Undergraduate Research; Iowa Policy Research Organization; Treasurer of the University of Iowa Swing Dance Club; Teaching Assistant
      • Ask me about: Pre-law, studying abroad in Spain, and political science internships!
      • Schedule an appointment with Carly here or email carly-heying@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 1:00-2:00 PM Wednesday via Zoom


      Allison Beckner



      My name is Allison Beckner. I am a sophomore from Cedar Falls, Iowa. I am studying Political Science and Ethics & Public Policy on the Pre-Law track with a History minor. I am also involved in many extracurriculars on campus, including serving as the Events Coordinator for Hawkeye Caucus. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and going to Iowa City's local coffee shop. I look forward to meeting with you!


      Mishma Nixon



      • Major(s): English and Creative Writing with minors in Cinema and Social Justice
      • Involvement: ICRU fellow, Honors Writing Fellow, Campus Activities Board, South Asian Student Alliance, International Student Advisory Board.
      • Currently doing my fall semester all the way from my childhood bedroom in Sri Lanka, which is kind of strange and exciting at the same time.
      • Ask me about being an international student in Honors, Honors in the Major (especially in English/Creative Writing), contracting a class for Honors, and my favourite books, movies and TV shows.
      • Schedule an appointment with Mishma here or email mishmastefni-nixon@uiowa.edu
      • Drop-in hours: 1:00-2:00 PM Friday via Zoom