Thank you for your interest in applying for campus nomination to a UK post-graduate fellowship opportunity from the University of Iowa

We look forward to your questions and to your applications.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact UI Fellowships Director, Kelly Thornburg as soon as they are aware of their interest in this and any other fellowship opportunity at 335-1874 or at

Establishing an early connection to the scholar development resources, workshop opportunities and tailored fellowship advising we are able to offer prospective applicants serves everyone involved in this challenging, but extraordinarily rewarding process.  

Most UK post-graduate fellowship opportunities like the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Churchill require that each applicant be nominated by their institution in order to be considered for the award by the funding organization.  At the University of Iowa, this process is coordinated by our Fellowships Director and supported by Dr. Beth Ingram, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and the UI Undergraduate Fellowships Committee (UFC), a diverse spectrum of faculty, staff, and past scholars whose relevant knowledge and experience strengthen the selection and preparation of our national and international candidates. 

Each of the opportunities listed below requires that the University of Iowa conduct a preliminary campus application process to screen and support prospective fellowship applicants prior to making our official nominations. Interested candidates MUST participate in the UFC's internal selection processes, submitting a complete campus application (typically a draft version of the final application) and in some cases, participating in mock interviews or social events to allow us a clearer sense of each applicant’s appropriateness for the designated competition prior to the official application deadline.   Each UI Opportunity Profile will include any relevant deadlines, but a full listing of campus nomination and official opportunity deadlines may also be found here.  

View the Fall 2014 UK Fellowships Deadline Schedule here:  Fall 2014 UK Fellowship Deadline Schedule - UI Undergraduate Fellowships.pdf

To view the complete opportunity profile for each of the opportunities listed below, click on the links provided below: 

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