University of Iowa

 Important Dates

·        Mid-April 2015  Competition Opens

·        July 15, 2015  Early Application Deadline

·        September 2, 2015 Final Application Deadline

·        September 15, 2015  Deadline for Receipt (Postal)

·        December 30, 2015 Deadline For Selection and Notification of Contestants

What makes a Glamour Top Ten Grand Prize Winner? Click on her name to find out more about Alexandra Keenan, 2009 Winner from the University of Iowa.

To find about more about this year's competition, Conde Nast's announcement and contest rules are linked below:

Glamour Top Ten College Women  2015 Contest Announcement

Glamour Top Ten College Women 2015 Official Contest Rules

For more information about about applying for this opportunity, contact: 

Kelly Thornburg Director of Scholar Development (DSD)University of Iowa Honors Program 319.335.1874 Important Dates

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