►IMPORTANT: This form should only be completed if you've been given instructions to do so by one of the honors staff members.


  1. Talk to your instructor and agree on an extra project.
  2. Fill out the form below and click submit.
  3. Your contract will be emailed to you. Print this email, get it signed, and make a copy to keep in a safe place.
  4. Turn one contract in by the deadline given to you.
  5. Complete the extra project and turn it in to your instructor by the deadline agreed upon.
  6. Have your instructor sign your end-of-term confirmation and turn it in within one week after the class ends.
  7. Earn a B- or better in the class.


Select which Honors staff member has reviewed your off-cycle contract.
How many hours have you earned at the University of Iowa? You can find your UI cumulative hours in ISIS under "UI Earned Hours".
You can find your overall University of Iowa GPA in ISIS under "UI Cum GPA".
example: Summer 2016 or Winter 2015
We need the full course number, including section number, to know which class to designate as honors at the end of the semester.
Enter the complete course title as shown in ISIS.
First name and last name only. Please refrain from using Dr., Professor, etc.
A detailed project description and explanation of how the work differs from that regularly expected in the course is required. You can assume your submission accepted unless we contact you.
Let us know what is due and when. You will not turn in your project to the Honors Program.