Lane Davis Award for Honors Team-Teaching

What is this award?

Team-teaching is a crucial dynamic of intellectual community. A great way for honors students to pursue inquiry and learn constructive argument is to witness and join lively conversations between professors who bring different educations and interests to important questions. Professor Lane Davis excelled at team teaching, and this award, named in his honor, recognizes and encourages faculty to team teach honors students. 

How is the winner selected?

The Honors Professional Staff review student course evaluations to select awardees. Presentation of this award is contingent upon the availability of team-taught honors course offerings.

Past Award Recipients


Rachel Williams
Associate Professor, Art & Art History

Jacob Priest
Assistant Professor, Psychological & Quantitative Foundations


Amy Strathman
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Adam Brummett
Lecturer, Chemistry

Tori Forbes
Associate Professor, Chemistry


Janet A. Fairley
Chair, John S. Strauss Professor, Professor of Dermatology

Vincent Liu
Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Pathology


Andrew Forbes
Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Tori Z. Forbes
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry


James Tamerius
Assistant Professor, Geography and Sustainability Sciences

Elizabeth Ridder
Visiting Assistant Professor, Geography and Sustainability Sciences

Adam Skibbe
GIS Administrator

Eric Tate
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Geography and Sustainability Sciences


No Eligible Candidates; No Award Given


Sarah Larsen
Professor, Chemistry

Russell Larsen
Senior Lecturer, Chemistry 


Tom Keegan
Lecturer, Rhetoric

Matt Gilchrist
Lecturer, Rhetoric


Karen Heimer
Professor & Chair, Sociology

Joseph Lang
Professor & Chair, Statistics & Actuarial Science


Jennifer Sessions
Associate Professor, History

Jae-Jae Spoon
Assistant Professor, Political Science


Kenneth G. Brown
Professor, Management and Organizations

Amy Colbert
Associate Professor, Management and Organizations


Jon Ringen
Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Edward A. Wasserman
Professor, Psychology


Cary Covington
Associate Professor, Political Science

Tom Rice
Professor, Political Science