All new members are required to attend an orientation whether they join as a first-year, transfer, or current student. University Honors orientations are held in a variety of formats to accommodate every situation.

Incoming First-Year Orientation

Incoming first-year honors students will receive a letter in May prior to summer orientation that includes information about University Honors orientation, which will be held from 6:15 to 7:00 p.m. on the first day. Your Hawkeye Guide should remind you of this when you arrive.

Orientation Checklist for First-Years:
  1. Review the University Honors curriculum.
  2. Check out the available Honors-First Year Seminars. If your major requires a First-Year Seminar, you do not need to enroll in an Honors First Year Seminar as well, but you should look for another honors class to take.
  3. Consider enrolling in Honors Primetime.
  4. Browse honors classes (you must enroll in one your first semester -- an Honors First-Year Seminar or Honors Primetime count)
  5. Check out the other opportunities being a member of the Honors Program has to offer on this website.
  6. Come to orientation with questions!

Transfer Student Orientation

Transfer students learn about Honors at Iowa during a 30-minute session on Transfer Orientation Days held by the Office of Admissions.

Transfer students are encouraged to make an appointment for one-on-one University Honors advising by emailing

Current Student Orientation

Honors at Iowa holds Welcome to Honors sessions for current students who earn their way into the program. Welcome to Honors sessions are held within the first five weeks of the semester and are advertised on our calendar and in the Honorable Messenger, our weekly email newsletter. All new members should receive an email to sign up.