University of Iowa

Entering First-Years

  • Applications for Fall 2019 will be accepted in two rounds:  students who apply by November 15 will hear about admission to the program by February 1; students who apply after November 15 and by February 1 will hear about admission to the program by April 1.
    • Applications may be accepted on a space-available basis February 5-April 15. If you are admitted to the university and would like to request access to the honors application, please contact
  • Students must be admitted to the University of Iowa prior to submitting an application for the honors program. We recommend applying for admission to the university no later than November 1 if you plan to meet the November 15 honors application deadline, and no later than January 15 if you plan to meet the February 1 honors application deadline.
  • Students will apply for the honors program through their Admissions Profile in MyUI beginning in mid-September or within a week after being admitted to the university, whichever comes last. If you do not see the application in your Admissions Profile within those parameters, contact to have the application added to your profile.
  • There are not formal minimum requirements for entry into the honors program. However, most first-year honors students in Fall 2018 ranked in the top 5% of their high school graduating class. The middle 50% of students recorded their highest ACT composite (or SAT equivalent) between 30-33. A successful applicant generally will have earned mostly "A"s and will have chosen a challenging and/or meaningful course of study as allowed by their high school's curriculum. We will also consider students' responses to an essay prompt as well as an activities list, both of which will play just as important a role as these academic credentials.
  • Be sure to use our Tips and Tricks page as you complete your application!

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students will continue to qualify for the honors program based on a 3.5 GPA in college coursework through the Fall 2019 semester.
  • Transfer students will apply for the honors program for Spring 2020 and later entry. We expect this application and more details to be available at a later date.

Transfer students entering through Fall 2019 can accept their invitation in MyUI, and we recommend scheduling an advising appointment with the Honors Advising Director, Holly Blosser Yoder, by emailing

Current Students

Entry through February 1, 2019
  • Current students who have at least 12 graded semester hours at Iowa and fewer than 60 overall earned hours will continue to qualify for the honors program with a 3.5 or higher University of Iowa grade point average for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 entry into the program.
  • Students who qualify based on a Fall 2018 cumulative UI GPA of 3.5 or higher will have a limited amount of time to join the program via MyUI. This option will end on February 1, 2019. Students who do not join by this date may apply for the program for Fall 2019 entry beginning in March 2019.
Entry after February 1, 2019
  • Applications for Fall 2019 program membership will be available March 1 - May 1, 2019. Applications for Spring 2020 program membership will be available October 1 - December 1, 2019.
  • Applicants for Fall 2019 and later will not need to meet the previous minimum 3.5 UI GPA. However, students should be prepared to maintain the 3.33 minimum cumulative UI GPA required for retaining membership.
  • Current UI students who are completing an application to join the program are strongly encouraged to meet with an honors Peer Mentor as they develop their application materials.
  • Applications are available to students new to the program as well as those who were previously members and would like to join again.

Staying in the Program

Being a member of the University Honors Program means you're able to take advantage of resources and opportunities not available to all students at the University of Iowa. Honors students can choose to live in honors housing, attend honors-only events, participate in honors programming, enroll in honors classes, have access to the Honors Student Center in the BHC, and much more.

You must meet honors membership and curricular requirements in order to remain a member of the University Honors Program.

If your UI cumulative grade point average falls below 3.33, you have one semester to rectify the situation. In other words, if your UI cumulative GPA is lower than 3.33 for two consecutive spring and fall semesters, you will be removed from the program. You can rejoin if your UI GPA reaches 3.5 or higher.

Your membership does not guarantee you will graduate with University Honors.