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Honors Peer Mentors are experienced honors students who have been involved with the program in leadership roles. Using their expertise, they will point you to classes and opportunities to enrich your academic experience while meeting the requirements to graduate with University Honors. These students share the conviction that University Honors is not just an achievement, but a community which fosters growth, connections, and self-discovery.

Your Honors Peer Mentors

Drop-in Peer Mentor hours are Monday 1-2 and 3-5, Tuesday 11-3, Wednesday 11-1, Thursday 9-12, and Friday 10:30-12:30. Just stop by the front desk at 420 BHC to check in. Set up a scheduled appointment here.


   Abhigna Akurathi


  • Major(s): Biomedical Engineering
  • Involvement: Study Abroad, Alpha Phi Omega, Biomedical Engineering Student Society. 
  • I'm looking forward to my French class. I love the language and I'm excited to get back to it
  • Ask me about anything engineering, study abroad, or the honors program
  • Set up a scheduled appointment with Abhigna here.




   Austin Adrian


  • Major(s): Accounting, Business Analytics
  • Involvement: Tippie Peer Mentor, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity, Tippie Business Honor Society, Computer Comfort
  • This fall I am looking forward to my major-level accounting classes and Iowa football
  • Ask me about the honors program as a business student, movies, or random sports statistics!
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   Madhuri Belkale


  • Major(s): Psychology and Political Science, minors in Spanish and International Studies, Pre-Law track
  • Involvement: Honors Administrative Assistant, Iowa Policy Research Organization (IPRO), Clinical-Cognitive Science Lab Research Assistant, Honors Thesis in Psychology, Study Abroad in Chile, Internship in Washington D.C., Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Indian Student Alliance, Orientation Services
  • This fall, I'm looking forward to diving into my Honors Thesis and taking a psychology seminar about women's reproductive mental health.
  • Ask me about undergraduate research in the social sciences and studying abroad/recent travel destinations! 
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   Josh Parbs


  • Major(s): Biochemistry with minors in Chemistry and Global Health Studies; certificate in Intercultural Leadership (Pre-Medicine)
  • Involvement: Associated Residence Halls, National Residence Hall Honorary, UIBio, Dance Marathon, Camp Adventure Youth Services, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Volunteer, and ICRU Research Fellowship
  • This year I am looking forward to taking upper-level science courses, continuing my research, and getting back into dancing.
  • Ask me about undergraduate research, getting involved on campus, and my rabbit.
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   Charles Mascardo


  • Major: Biomedical Engineering (Cellular Engineering/Pre-Medicine), Mathematics Minor
  • Involvement: Research at UIHC/APPIL with Dr. Kaczka's lab, UI Mobile Clinic, Honors Outreach/Summer Ambassadors
  • I'm most looking forward to taking both Creativity in Music and Biochemistry this coming fall semester!
  • Ask me about engineering, undergraduate research, or the Honors program!
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   Laura Widman


  • Major: Linguistics with a Focus in Teaching English as a Second Language, Ethics and Public Policy, Certificate in International Business, minor in French
  • Involvement: The Roosevelt Network at Iowa, Honors Outreach, Teaching Assistantship, Iowa City Tenants Union
  • This year I am looking forward to being a TA, studying abroad, and voting in the caucus.
  • Ask me about language studies at Iowa, being a teaching assistant, and civic engagement on campus!
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   Angela Mahoney


  • Major: Biochemistry, minors in Chemistry and Human Physiology, Pre-Medicine Track
  • Involvement: Undergraduate Research, Volunteering at UIHC, Under Your Wing (student organization), ICRU Fellow, Study Abroad
  • I am looking forward to working on my research project and taking human physiology classes!
  • Ask me about undergraduate research and study abroad
  • Set up a scheduled appointment with Angela here.




   Olivia Sandvold


  • Major: Biomedical Engineering, minors in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Involvement: Study abroad in Scotland, Honors Program, Tau Beta Pi, HackIowa, Teaching Assistant, Volunteer at UIHC
  • This year I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with Honors students and engaging the technology community at Iowa with exciting opportunities to learn and connect! 
  • Ask me about undergraduate research, being a teaching assistant, or study abroad
  • Set up a scheduled appointment with Olivia here.



Gabbie Meis


  • English & Creative Writing (Publishing), minors in Spanish, translation for global literacy, and social justice. 
  • Involvement: Honors Administrative Assistant, Honors Publication Editor, Honors in English and Creative Writing, Honors Writing Fellow, Writing Center Tutor, Iowa Youth Writing Project Intern, NCHC-UReCA Associate Editor, Undergraduate Research, Teaching Assistantship, Fools Magazine, Students to Assist Recruitment (STAR).
  • This year I’m looking forward to my internship and involvement in the Iowa Youth Writing Project, organizing creative writing workshops and events! 
  • Ask me about the writing fellows program, getting involved, and writing at Iowa! 
  • Set up a scheduled appointment with Gabbie here.