Guy D. and Betty J. Williams Scholarship

The Guy D. and Betty J. Williams Honors Scholarship was established to help support students pursuing studies in Physics and/or who have particular interest in environmental studies.

The Williams' belief that training in the fundamentals of physics strengthens participation in any field – chemistry, biology, engineering, law, politics - is the impetus for their investment in undergraduate scholars who are looking beyond traditional approaches to problem-solving to develop scientific solutions which serve our natural world and support evolving human need.

Eligibility Requirements 

To be considered for this award, applicants must be:

  • a member of the University of Iowa Honors Program at the time of application
  • enrolled as a full-time student (a minimum of 12 semester hours)
  • intending to enroll as a full-time student in the following Academic Year (a minimum of 12 semester hours)
  • a Physics major/minor or a student of the physical or natural sciences (in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or College of Engineering) 



Payton Biddle

Payton is a junior majoring in chemical engineering. His focus area is on energy and the environment with an interest in renewable energy. He has been a Statics teaching assistant for 3 semesters and loves it. He is also one of AIChE's kids day camp coordinators. An accomplishment he is particularly proud of is being on the dean's list every semester.

"Honors does not make classes more difficult. Think of it as more of a reward for your hard work throughout high school. The honors program gives students the opportunity to go above and beyond, but does not overwhelm one with responsibilities. Like college as a whole, it is what you make of it. My advice is pretty generic. Reach out of your comfort zone. Attend student org meetings, sign up for an interesting class, say hi to that kid who lives on your floor. You won't like everything you try, but you won't know until you try."

Vance Davis

Vance is currently working with the Just Research Group to quantify the nutrient removal benefits of retention ponds in Vinton, IA. He engages with the Honors community through the Presidential Scholars Program as a teaching assistant for the introductory seminar. Vance will graduate with a major in Environmental Engineering, and is currently enrolled in the 4+1 M.A.T. program with the College of Education.

"College is a time of rapid change and realization. Lean into your discomfort, ask why you feel the way you feel, and allow this change to build a greater awareness of yourself and your environment."

Siddharth Nandanwar

Siddharth is a first-year Physics student. He is interested in Plasma research.

"Students in the Honors Program do have a lot of expectations on them. It might feel disorienting sometimes but you have to pick up a hobby which can help you keep a calm head- like learning a new language or going to the gym."


Zachary Vig


Joshua Larson


Jacob Isbell, William Fuelberth


Patrick Adrian; Paige Noble


Patrick Adrian, Physics, Mathematics 


Kenneth Heitritter, Physics and Astronomy 


Nick Rolston, Physics, Mathematics 


Kenneth Heitritter, Physics and Astronomy