When not to fill this out:

  • Your research will ultimately be part of a project completed for honors in your major.
    • WHY: Because completing honors in the major satisfies the total credits needed for experiential learning.
  • You are earning semester hour credit for your research because you are enrolled in HONR:3994, URES:3993, or URES:3994.
    • WHY: Because these specific registrations will automatically count as research credit on your Honors degree audit.

When to fill this out:

  • Your research experience is not earning honors credit through a HONR:3994, URES:3993, or URES:3994 registration and you wish to count your experience toward University Honors.
    • WHY: If we don't know about your research experience and our student records system isn't already set up to recognize it, we don't know to give you credit unless you fill out this form.

What to know:

  • Submit one research experience per form. Multiple submissions per student are allowed.
  • If approved, your research experience(s) will appear on your University Honors degree audit within two weeks.
  • Direct all questions to honors-program@uiowa.edu.
This must be a University of Iowa faculty member