University of Iowa

What is a Submission Agreement?

The purpose of this agreement is to protect the work of the student and the faculty mentor(s) by allowing the University of Iowa to publish the work online. This form only needs to be filled out if you want your work published by the University of Iowa on the online repository. If you do not want your work published, you do not need to submit this form. 

This agreement and your honors thesis/project are due by 11:59pm on the Wednesday of finals week.


  1. Complete the form below and click Submit. Your agreement will be emailed to you.
  2. Print it off and get it signed by your faculty mentor, who will receive a copy of your submission.
  3. Turn in your signed agreement to 420 BHC or

Next and final step: Upload your thesis by 11:59pm on the Wednesday of finals week.

You are required to discuss this with your faculty mentor prior to submitting your agreement.