University of Iowa

Students may earn up to six of the 12 experiential credits through graduate coursework. Only coursework taken during or before Spring 2019 will be counted. This category can include graduate or professional work if your department will allow you to register for it. 

Graduate or professional work must be registered with a graduate-level course code as defined by the course’s home college (typically course codes 5000 and above, or 6000 and above in the College of Engineering). This should not be a course that is regularly offered to undergraduate students as an option or requirement for completing a Bachelor's-level degree. A course is not necessarily graduate-level just because graduate students are enrolled in it or because it has the higher-number course code. If you are completing an undergraduate course that is cross-listed or co-existing with a graduate level course, you must submit this form as well as information showing that you are expected to complete the graduate-level work. This may include sending a copy of the syllabus to, or having the professor email the honors program to confirm that the work expected of you is equivalent to the graduate-level work.

Please complete one form per course per semester. We request that you submit the form within the last three weeks of the semester in which you are taking the course, or after the semester has concluded. Upon submission, forms will be reviewed within the honors program. You should receive follow-up communication within two weeks of submission.

Example: Fall 2018