Independent Study / Create Your Own Course

Be sure to submit the appropriate form below when you enroll in an Honors Independent Study to create your own course!

Fall 2017 forms are due Monday, August 28.

Honors Studies Form (HONR:3050)

Honors Teaching Practicum Form (HONR:3100)

Honors Service Learning Form (HONR:3150)

Honors Internship Form (HONR:3160)

Honors Research Practicum Form (HONR:3994)

Honors Contract

The Honors Contract Form will be available on MyUI under Student Information > Courses & Grades. You will also be able to access it at

Spring 2017 contracts are due Friday, February 24.

Use this form to earn honors credit for a regular class.

Honors Contract Form

Research Verification

Use this form to request honors credit for a research experience.

Research Experience Verification Form

Honors in the Major

This application is always due at the same time as your degree application.

Students wishing to apply for honors in their major must submit this application in addition to submitting their degree application.

Honors in the Major

University Honors

If you complete your degree application and your Honors degree audit shows that you have fulfilled University Honors requirements, you will receive preapproval to graduate with University Honors within two weeks after the degree application deadline. If your Honors degree audit shows you have completed the required coursework but does not reflect 12 experiential learning credits, you will receive a form via email within two weeks after the degree application deadline through which you can apply for the University Honors designation. If you believe you should have received this form and have not, please contact us at

Honors Scholarships

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