Application Deadlines: For Fall 2021 admission, students who apply by January 10, 2021 will hear about admission to the program by February 15, 2021*. Students who apply after January 10, 2021 and by March 1, 2021 will hear about admission to the program by early April. Please note, we highly encourage students to apply by the March 1st, however, applications will be accepted up until May 1st. Keep in mind, if you apply to the Honors Program after March 1st, you must contact Susan Dickinson at: so the application can be added to your Admissions Profile. It is also important to note the Honors Program does not guarantee a spot in the program. 


*Our apologies. This note was not updated with our revised admissions schedule to lengthen the admissions windows in response to AY19 COVID-19 accommodations. It is now correct.


  • Application Process: Students must be admitted to the University of Iowa prior to submitting an application for the honors program, but they do not need to commit to attending the university prior to applying for honors.
    • Students will apply for the Honors Program through their Admissions Profile in MyUI beginning in September. If you do not see the application in your Admissions Profile within those parameters, contact to have the application added to your profile.
  • Housing: All housing inquiries must be directed to the Housing Team via phone 319-335-3000 or email You can apply for housing opportunities on their website and learn more about Honors Housing at

Characteristics of a Successful Application

There are not formal minimum requirements for entry into the honors program, nor are there guarantees of admission given a specific high school GPA. Fall 2021 applications will not consider the ACT or SAT in entry into the honors program. Applicants might consider the following characteristics when choosing to apply:

  • A successful applicant typically will have earned mostly "A"s in core courses and will have chosen a challenging and/or meaningful course of study as allowed by their high school's curriculum.
  • Most enrolled first-year honors students (Fall 2019) ranked in the top 4% of their high school graduating class.
  • Students' responses to the essay prompt and activities lists will play an important role in the selection of future honors students.

Check out our Tips and Tricks page as you complete your application! It may help you as you plan ahead.

Admitted to Honors? Here Are Your Next Steps:

  1. Schedule a visit. We'd love to meet you!
  2. Learn more about Honors Housing.
  3. Prepare for your Honors Orientation.
  4. Consider attending Honors Primetime.
  5. Review Membership Requirements.

You must meet honors membership and curricular requirements in order to remain a member of the University Honors Program.

Staying in the Program

If your UI cumulative grade point average falls below 3.33, you have one semester to rectify the situation. In other words, if your UI cumulative GPA is lower than 3.33 for two consecutive spring and fall semesters, you will be removed from the program.

Students who leave the program due to missing coursework or a GPA below the minimum can reapply to the program, but should be prepared to demonstrate readiness to maintain the curricular and GPA requirements.

Your membership does not guarantee you will graduate with University Honors.