Honors Faculty advance honors education through active participation in Honors coursework, events, and initiatives. They advise Honors at Iowa on courses, policies, programs, and its own membership. The Honors Faculty includes members of the Honors Steering Committee, former Honors Directors, and recipients of the Honors Teaching Award.

Current Honors Faculty

Alice Fulton, Biochemistry 

Art SpisakClassics 

Brooks LandonEnglish
Miriam ThaggertEnglish 

Carol SeverinoRhetoric 
Thomas KeeganRhetoric 

Steve Duck, Rhetoric, Communication Studies 

Christopher CheatumChemistry 
Daniel Quinn
Sarah LarsenChemistry 

David KlemmReligious studies 

David WilderBiomedical engineering 

Denes GazsiArabic 

Donna ParsonsMusic 

John NelsonPolitical Science
Kelly KaderaPolitical Science
Rene RochaPolitical Science
Ron McMullenPolitical Science 
Tom RicePolitical Science 

Laurie CroftEducation 
Susan AssoulineEducation 

Pamela MulderNursing  

Paul KleiberPhysics & Astronomy 

Ruth BentlerCommunication Sciences and Disorders

Stacey BrookEconomics

Waltraud MaierhoferGerman

Robert Kirby