University of Iowa

What is this award?

The Honors Program recognizes the benefits to our students of a strong relationship with faculty and staff at the University. This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has established that special bond with a student (or students) that will help them develop as an individual and benefit and impact them far into the future. The awardee is selected by the Honors staff based on nominations from student members of the program. 


The University Honors Program will send out a call for nominations to students through the Honorable Messenger, our weekly electronic newsletter. The nomination form will ask for the nominator's information, the nominee's information, and an explanation of how your honors mentor has benefited you and your experience as an Honor's student at Iowa.

Past Award Recipients


Kris DeMali
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry


Andrew High
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies


Meenakshi Gigi Durham
Professor, Journalism & Mass Communications


Stephen Vlastos
Professor, History 


Brooks Landon
Professor, English