Honors in the major is awarded at graduation to students who show significant understanding of and provide valuable contributions to their field of study. Each major identifies the requirements to graduate with honors and appoints an Honors Advisor from the department to guide students through the process.

Steps for Students

  1. Meet specific requirements set by your major or college. Contact your Honors Advisor to begin the process.
  2. Apply to graduate through MyUI and submit an Honors in the Major Graduation Application during your last semester.
  3. Complete an Honors Thesis Submission Agreement and submit your thesis/project to the online repository.*

*You do not have to be a member of the University Honors Program in order to complete honors in your major and not all majors require a thesis/project. Contact your Honors Advisor with questions.

Are you an Honors Advisor? We have resources for you as well!

You can also view past honors theses to see what projects your peers have done. 

Apply for Honors in...

Your Degree Application and Honors in the Major Graduation Application are due the last business day of the month following the start of your last semester.

Honors in CLAS and Education Honors in Nursing

Honors in Engineering Honors in Business

Submit Your Honors Thesis/Project

This agreement and your honors thesis/project are due by 11:59pm on the Wednesday of finals week during your last semester at Iowa.

  1. Discuss making your thesis/project available online with your faculty mentor and submit an an Honors Thesis Submission Agreement.
  2. Prepare an abstract of 400 words or less. You will submit this through the website just before uploading your thesis/project.
  3. Click the button below to log in to Iowa Research Online and upload your thesis/project. If you have not submitted to Iowa Research Online before you will need to create a new account.

Submit Honors Thesis/Project

Recognizing Honors in the Major at Commencement

Students who have earned honors in their major will be announced at commencement and the designation will be noted on their transcript and diploma. Students walking early (see Early Participation on the Registrar's website) must have completed their major's requirements for honors at the time of commencement participation to receive their cordons. Contact honors-program@uiowa.edu if you plan to walk early.