University of Iowa

What Students Say About ESI

"The flexibility and ability to include classes I would never be able to take otherwise"

"Community Engagement"

"The freedom we have to explore our own interests and engage in topics we enjoy"

"The lack of boundaries and the constant encouragement to pursue all your passions"

"The requirement of having a mentor"

"The autonomy yet community involved in the major--I have the freedom to choose my own path but I get to work with other students doing the same thing"

ESI In The News

30,000 Hands: A project created by the Fall 2016 Fieldwork in Innovation class to bring experiential learning to the classroom at the University of Iowa:

The importance of Innovation:

Food Pantry at Iowa: Born from an ESI project, Food Pantry at Iowa serves UI students, staff, and faculty:

Food Pantry at Iowa Executive Team
Presenting 30,000 Hands

From Left to Right: ESI students Ben and Sydney with other Food Pantry at Iowa Executive team members Aparna and Sarah in front of the Old Capitol; ESI students presenting their work on 30,000 Hands to the UI community.