Honors student staff play an integral role in providing the support our program needs to operate. They reinforce our community by managing the reception office, coordinating events and programs, overseeing the Blank Honors Center facility, and providing customer service to current and prospective students, families, and the UI community.

We are not currently accepting applications. Please check back in February 2018.

As an Honors Student Employee, You Will:
  • Build a practical skill set which will be transferrable to a variety of work environments,
  • Expand your knowledge of the program therefore increasing your own opportunities as a member of Honors at Iowa,
  • Make connections with students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and more!

All honors student employees must be in good standing with the program and cannot serve in more than two (2) paid positions with the program. The following positions start at $9.00/hour and are offered on an as-needed basis:

Honors Admin


Provide administrative support for the honors professional staff and manage reception desk activity on the 4th floor of the Blank Honors Center. Serve as the first point of contact to anyone who calls, emails, or walks in. Develop a focus area utilizing your skills and interests to serve a need for the program including but not limited to outreach, assessment, development, process improvement, or creative engagement.


  1. Act as an Honors Program liaison to parents/families, high school students, current students, international students, faculty, staff, and outside guests in a professional manner.
  2. Greet visitors, answer questions, schedule appointments, provide directions, answer telephones, transfer calls, and perform other reception duties as needed.
  3. Manage departmental email account and act on emails as appropriate.
  4. Accept, review, and process incoming forms, applications, and theses.
  5. Communicate with students and faculty to resolve discrepancies and advise on proper procedure.
  6. Respond to requests for admission to the program and clearly communicate entry requirements and the selective admission process.
  7. Provide referrals for advising on honors curriculum and graduation requirements.
  8. Distribute the daily visitor list and prepare visitor packets.
  9. Manage room reservations, post signage, and prepare meeting spaces.
  10. Clean and monitor shared spaces on the 4th floor of the Blank Honors Center.
  11. May serve as a member of the Honors Communications Team, manage a social media account, and/or publish the weekly email newsletter.
  12. Manage check-in and checkout of keys and program electronics/equipment.
  13. Process incoming and outgoing mail for the department.
  14. Make copies and handle scanning and faxing for the department.
  15. Assist professional staff with various tasks including data entry, mailing, word processing, research, document preparation, event planning, and filing.
  16. Other duties as assigned, including those that fall within your assigned focus area.
Honors Peer Mentor


The Honors Peer Mentor, as a team of 6-8 staff, offers general advising about Honors coursework and Experiential Learning for students who have yet to complete 12 semester hours of Honors credit, the coursework component of the University Honors curriculum. This is a paid staff position and generally requires a minimum of 6 hours but the hours can be flexible.

**Preference given to Juniors and Seniors or those who have started their Experiential Learning

**Hired Peer Mentors will be awarded a fellowship and they will receive 1 s.h. of Honors credit to be counted toward Experiential Learning


  1. Meet with Advising Director weekly and other professional staff as needed to plan and manage key aspects of honors peer advising
    • Scheduling
    • Communication
    • Accountability
    • Content of Mentoring Meetings
  2. Advertise availability for scheduling using [the selected scheduling method]
  3. Track student attendance at mentoring meetings [card reader?]
  4. Offer weekly walk in advising on a regular basis
  5. Plan and implement alternative opportunities for mentoring, and track student attendance
    • Daum in-house advising, in consultation with RAs
    • Experiential Learning Fair
  6. Serve as a Student Advisory Group for Honors Peer Mentoring
  7. Assist with recruitment, selection and training of new Peer Mentors, as needed, in coordination with the Advising Director
  8. Other tasks assigned by the Advising Director or mutually determined by the Honors Peer Mentoring Staff
Honors Summer Ambassador

Represent the Honors Program at the University of Iowa's orientation programs in June and July. Share your knowledge and experience with first-year students and their families on all Honors at Iowa opportunities. This position generally requires 4-10 hours per week.

Honors Newsletter Editor

Work with our Advising Director and recruit student writers to contribute to our quarterly newsletter and edit each edition before it's published. This position generally requires 1-5 hours per week.

Honors Newsletter Designer

Work with the Honors Newsletter Editor and our Advising Director to design our quarterly newsletter. This position generally requires 1-5 hours per week.

Honors Communications Coordinator


Through a variety of ways, serve the Honors Program community using appropriate resources and information through electronic mediums and event programming.


  1. Help plan, promote, and document Honors at Iowa events.
  2. Use audio, video, and other technologies to create media for the program.
  3. Create/update archived documents, tapes, pictures, and other digital records.
  4. Assist with website content updates.
  5. Develop and implement creative ideas to promote the Honors Program.
  6. Support our online presence by managing a social media platform.
  7. Consult on and create electronic and print media.
  8. Analyze data with different reporting methods.
  9. Assist with Honors website content updates
Iowa City Foreign Relations Council Liaison


The ICFRC Liaison maintains the connection between Honors at Iowa and ICFRC by working closely with faculty and city representatives to bring international speakers to Iowa City for weekly luncheon lectures. A passion for international relations is a must for an interested candidate.


  1. Monitor the Honors Student Center.
  2. Promote ICFRC Programs to Honors students
  3. Hold at least one round table each semester with an ICFRC visiting speaker.
  4. Sit as a member of the ICFRC Board.
  5. Collaborate with the executive director of ICFRC.
BHC Facility Coordinator


The BHC Facility Coordinator keeps the building Galleries fresh and new with rotating Galleries throughout the year.  A knowledge or passion of curating is vital for the candidate.


  1. Manage the 3rd and 4th Floor gallery space.
  2. Identify ways to improve space usage in the BHC.
  3. Promote the facility and its amenities.

How to Apply

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, February 26, 2017