An honors contract allows students to earn honors credit for a regular class by working directly with their instructor to enrich the learning experience. ​An honors contract is a great option for classes required for a major or minor, or for upper-level and graduate courses.

Rules for Students

Please note these rules are applicable for University Honors Program members only.

  • There needs to be a clear distinction between honors contract work and the work required for the course.
  • You cannot contract an online class.
  • You cannot contract a class that is graded pass/fail (S/U is allowed).
  • You can only count one contracted class towards the University Honors coursework requirement.*
  • You cannot contract a class that already offers an honors section unless you have a scheduling conflict.
  • Your instructor has the right to decline you request to contact their class for honors credit.
  • You must submit an Honors Contract Form to earn honors credit.
  • The honors project is graded S/U and does not affect your grade in the class.
  • You must earn a B- or better in the class overall in order to earn honors credit for it.

*Transfer and current students who joined the program with significant coursework completed may be granted an exception. Email honors-advisor@uiowa.edu to request one.

How to Submit an Honors Contract Form

Honors contracts are due the last business day of the month following the start of the semester.

  1. Approach your instructor and ask if they'd be willing to do an honors contract with you.
  2. Discuss and agree on your project proposal and timeline for completion. Be sure your instructor approves this before you submit!
  3. Fill out the Honors Contract Form on MyUI (you can find the form under Student Information > Courses & Grades)

The Honors Contract Form will be available on MyUI under Student Information > Courses & Grades. You will also be able to access it at https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/forms/honors

Submit an Honors Contract Form

Project Examples