Honors classes at Iowa are the basis of your honors education. The focus is not on covering more material, but covering it in a way that leads to a deeper understanding. Most honors classes are capped at 20-30 students which allow students to dive further into the topic and are taught by faculty experienced in teaching honors students.

How to Find Honors Classes

Use MyUI located at myui.uiowa.edu. Click on "Courses" at the top, then select "Honors Courses" on the right-hand side. The page will list all honors classes available for that given semester. You can also search previous semesters to see how often a specific class is offered.

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Classes for Entering First-Year Students

HONR:1100 Honors Primetime (1 s.h.)
Honors Primetime is a great way for incoming students to get an early start on their Honors at Iowa experience. See Honors Primetime for more information. 

HONR:1300 Honors First-Year Seminar (1 s.h.)
Honors First-Year Seminars provide honors students a way to connect with faculty early on. Class sizes are small, the range of topics is vast, and the Honors Director visits class to see how things are going for you.

Honors at Iowa Offerings

The following classes were available for Fall 2016 and/or Spring 2017. Some also satisfy certain general education program requirements.

HONR:1610:0001 Honors Seminar in Historical Perspective: Witchcraft Trials: Facts and Fiction (3 s.h.)
3:30 – 4:45pm MW
E264 CB
Instructor: Waltraud Maierhofer

HONR:1630:0001 Honors Seminar in Literary Visual Performing Arts: Harry Potter and the Quest for Enlightenment (3 s.h.)
11 – 12:15pm TTh
240 BHC
Instructor: Donna Parsons

HONR:1670:0001 Honors Seminar in Values Society & Diversity: Scripts, Glyphs, Characters, and Codes-Adventures in the History of Writing Cuneiform to Computers (3 s.h.)
11 – 12:15pm TTh
440 BHC
Instructor: Sabine Golz

HONR:1670:0002 Honors Seminar in Values Society & Diversity: Slaves, Prostitutes, and Convicts: Writing the History of the Outcast (3 s.h.)
11 – 12:15pm TTh
134 BHC
Instructors: Sarah Bond, Jason England

HONR:1885:0001 Interpretation of Literature: Reading the Ancient City (3 s.h.)
2 – 3:15pm TTh
234 BHC
Instructor: Robert Ketterer

HONR:3050 Honors Studies (1-3 s.h.)
This is an independent study course; See MyUI for details

HONR:3170 Honors Outreach Ambassadors (1-2 s.h.)
See MyUI for registration information

RHET:1030 Honors Rhetoric (4 s.h.)
See MyUI for offerings

ENGL:1200 Honors Interpretation of Literature (3 s.h.)
See MyUI for offerings