Honors classes at Iowa are the basis of your honors education and are unlike your regular classes in many ways. You will build a strong foundation of knowledge through honors coursework while building relationships with your peers and faculty. Honors classes consist of about twenty students who engage in focused discussion and hands-on activities with excellent faculty and staff. In your honors class you can expect to learn with your peers, be challenged by your instructor, and have the flexibility to approach the material in new and exciting ways.


  • New members must enroll in an honors class during the following registration period upon joining.
  • Entering first-years typically enroll in an Honors First-Year Seminar (HONR:1300) and/or Honors Primetime.
  • Current and transfer students can browse our offerings or look for options offered by their major. They may also contract a class for honors credit.
  • A minimum of 12 semester hours are required.

Find Honors Classes

On MyUI, click on "Courses" at the top, then select "Honors Courses" on the right-hand side. The page will list all honors classes available for that given semester. You can also search previous semesters to see how often a specific class is offered.

View Honors Classes

Regular Honors Offerings

Honors Primetime - (1 s.h.) Honors Primetime is a great way for incoming first-year and transfer students to get an early start on their Honors at Iowa experience.

HONR:1300 Honors First-Year Seminar - (1 s.h.) Honors First-Year Seminars provide honors students a way to connect with faculty early on. Class sizes are small, the range of topics is vast, and the Honors Director visits class to see how things are going for you.

HONR:3050 Honors Studies - (1-3 s.h.) This is an independent study course that allows honors students the ability to pursue academic interests and customize their course material. Work with faculty and create your own class!

HONR: 3100 Honors Teaching Practicum - (1-3 s.h.) Contribute to your academic community in a professional role and foster a relationship with a professor of your choice by serving as a teaching assistant for honors credit.

HONR: 3150 Honors Service Learning - (1-3 s.h.) Earn honors credit for service to the community. This is done by adding an academic component to a volunteering experience that requires critical interaction with course material.

HONR:3160 Honors Internship - (1-3 s.h.) Honors students collaborate with an Iowa faculty member to identify internship responsibilities, schedule time commitment, develop an academic component to the experience, and structure grading criteria.

HONR:3170 Honors Outreach Ambassadors - (1-2) Represent the program to visiting high school students and their families during daily campus visits and meet regularly with other ambassadors and the Honors Advising Director to develop personally and professionally. Seasoned ambassadors have the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for additional credit.

HONR:3994 Honors Research Practicum - (1-3 s.h.) Practicum experiences include learning basic laboratory techniques, assisting with experiments, or completing an experiment of the student’s choosing.

HONR:4990 Honors Thesis or Project - (0-3 s.h.) This course is designed for students pursuing honors in their major who don’t have an independent study course available for their honors capstone project.