Honors in the major is awarded to students who make their connection within a field of study by collaborating with faculty on research and creative work. This scholarly activity must culminate in a capstone project or experience that is submitted to both the major department and the University of Iowa Honors Program. 

Each major identifies the requirements to graduate with honors and appoints an Honors Advisor from the department to guide you through the process and verify satisfactory completion of the requirements upon graduation.

Step 1

Meet specific requirements set by your major or college. Contact your Honors Advisor to begin the process.

Step 2

Apply to graduate through MyUI and submit an Honors in the Major Graduation Application during your last semester at Iowa.

Step 3

Complete an Honors Thesis Submission Agreement and submit your thesis/project to the online repository.*

*You do not have to be a member of the University Honors Program in order to complete honors in your major and not all majors require a thesis/project. Contact your Honors Advisor with questions.


Students who have earned honors in their major will be announced at commencement, and the designation will be noted on their transcript and diploma. If you are walking early (see Early Participation on the Registrar's website) you must have completed your major's requirements for honors at the time of commencement participation to receive your cordons. Contact honors-program@uiowa.edu if you plan to walk early.

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