Graduating with Honors

There are two ways to graduate with Honors at the University of Iowa: University Honors and honors in your major.

University Honors

Fall 2017 degree applications are due September 29, 2017 through MyUI. Completing your degree application will prompt a review for completion of University Honors, and one of two things will happen:

  1. If you complete your degree application and your Honors degree audit shows that you have fulfilled University Honors requirements, you will receive preapproval to graduate with University Honors within two weeks after the degree application deadline.

  2. If your Honors degree audit shows you have completed the required coursework but does not reflect 12 experiential learning credits, you will receive a form via email within two weeks after the degree application deadline through which you can apply for the University Honors designation. If you believe you should have received this form and have not, please contact us at

Honors in the Major

Fall 2017 applications are due September 29, 2017. Your thesis and submission agreement are due December 13, 2017.

CLAS and Education

Honors in the Major Graduation Application

Honors in Nursing Honors in Engineering Honors in Business

Honors Thesis Submission Agreement

Any student submitting work to the Honors Thesis Repository must complete this form.

Submission Agreement

Submit an Honors Thesis
  1. Discuss making your thesis/project available online with your faculty mentor and submit an an Honors Thesis Submission Agreement.
  2. Prepare an abstract of 400 words or less. You will submit this through the website just before uploading your thesis/project.
  3. Click the button below to log in to Iowa Research Online and upload your thesis/project. If you have not submitted to Iowa Research Online before you will need to create a new account.

Submit Honors Thesis/Project