Curricular Requirements

  1. Complete 12 semester hours of honors coursework within your first 4 semesters in the program.
  2. Earn at least 12 honors credits of experiential learning, which you can begin doing at any time.

Honors Coursework

Experiential Learning

Membership Requirements

  1. Upon entry to the program, attend an orientation session.
  2. Take an honors course in your first semester as a member.
  3. Maintain a 3.33 UI cumulative grade point average to maintain your membership in the program.
  4. Meet with your Honors Peer Mentor yearly to review your University Honors plan of study.

College of Engineering Exception

Engineering majors may choose to complete an alternate set of requirements in which selected experiences may substitute for coursework. These requirements apply to all Engineering students regardless of how or when they enter the program. Engineering students may also choose to complete the standard curriculum option.

Requirement: Take at least one Honors course in your first semester in the program and earn a minimum of 6 s.h. of honors coursework total. Engineering majors can apply an additional 6 s.h. for a maximum of 12 s.h.

Requirement: Earn the remaining amount of credit needed to complete 24 total Honors credits through a combination of 6-12 s.h. coursework and 12-18 experiential learning credits.

Additional options include:

  • Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program
  • An internship or study abroad experience approved through the College of Engineering
    • Engineering students are required to register their internship with the college and are not required to complete pre and post questions, a narrative, or extra project
  • An Engineering community engagement experience
    • Maximum of 10 honors credits counted toward University Honors, no more than 4 from the same experience
      • each experience below counts as 2 honors credits (per semester)
        • A leadership role in an Engineering student organization
        • Engineering Teaching Assistant
        • Hanson Center for Technical Communication Peer Consultant
        • Engineering Tutor
        • Engineering Student Ambassador
        • Engineering Peer Advisor