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Honors Peer Mentors are experienced honors students who have been involved with the program in leadership roles. Using their expertise, they will point you to classes and opportunities to enrich your academic experience while meeting the requirements to graduate with University Honors. These students share the conviction that University Honors is not just an achievement, but a community which fosters growth, connections, and self-discovery.

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Honors Peer Mentor office hours are published every Tuesday in the Honorable Messenger, our email newsletter for honors students at Iowa.

Honors Peer Mentor Bios

Logan Drake

Logan, joining peer mentors for the first time this fall, is majoring in economics, philosophy, and ethics and public policy, with a minor in psychology. This summer, Logan assisted with research in the Political Science Department and played with his adorable cat, Finley. He is looking forward to being part of the Iowa Policy Research Organization in the fall.

Navya Mannengi

Navya's motivation for joining the Honors Program was the opportunity for connection and growth which it provides. She is majoring in finance and management, and has participated in the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival as well as other Honors at Iowa events. She first became a peer mentor to give back to the honors community. Her motto is "live as if it's your last day, and learn like you'll live forever," which prompted her to become a peer mentor, as Navya believes that the Honors Program provides both meaningful learning and life experiences.

Kelly McElory

Kelly is majoring in history and philosophy and also pursuing a teaching certificate in social studies secondary education. He was motivated to join the Honors Program by his wish to be surrounded by "academically motivated students." He has accomplished that goal in many ways, which include living in Honors House and participating in the Honors Opportunity Program. Kelly's goals as part of the staff are to build students' confidence and increase their comfort in being a part of Honors at Iowa and completing the requirements of the program.

Anya Kim

Anya is pursing biology (neurobiology track) and spanish majors, with a certificate in clinical and translational science. Her favorite part of the Honors Program is the huge range of people you get to meet, and thanks to connections she made in Daum and the BHC she’s gotten involved in everything from neurobiology research to Ultimate Frisbee to the University of Iowa Goat Club. She has also traveled to Scotland on a summer study abroad trip, done two honors teaching practicums, and she loves to answer any questions students have about how to get involved on and off campus.

Ben Ross

Ben regularly attends ICFRC lunches and has lived in Honors House. He is majoring in music education and voice performance, and minoring in communication sciences and disorders. Benjamin believes that the Honors Program provides students with many opportunities for connection and community, and he hopes to help honors students realize that these beneficial experiences are readily available.

Madeline Beauchene

Madeline Beauchene is a biomedical engineering major on the pre-medicine track. She began her experience with the Honors Program freshman year when she participated in Primetime, took multiple honors courses and lived in Daum Hall. Since then she has gotten involved in a biomedical engineering research lab, volunteered on and off campus, and studied abroad in Italy last summer. What Madeline loves most about the Honors Program is the strong support system and community it has created for her. She can’t wait to help others find ways they can get involved in the Honors Program and elsewhere on and off campus!

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