Honors Independent Study Course Forms

These forms are due by the fifth day of class each semester. Email PDF scans to honors-program@uiowa.edu or drop paper forms off at 420 BHC by 5:00 p.m. on the fifth day of classes.

Submit your plan of study using the forms below when you create your own course!

Honors Studies Form (HONR:3050)

Honors Teaching Practicum Form (HONR:3100)

Honors Service Learning Form (HONR:3150)

Honors Internship Form (HONR:3160)

Honors Research Practicum Form (HONR:3994)

Honors Contract

The Honors Contract Form will be available beginning the first day of the semester on MyUI under Student Information > Courses & Grades. You will also be able to access it at here.

Students must submit contracts to their instructor through MyUI by the fifth week of class of each semester.

Use this form to earn honors credit for a regular class.

Honors Contract Form

Research Experience Verification

Use this form to request honors credit for a research experience.

Research Experience Verification Form

Honors Scholarships

Click here for more information!