University of Iowa

The Peoples’ Weather Map Workshop

Fall 2017 (2 semester hours)

The Peoples’ Weather Map (PWM) is an online climate change communication project. The project uses historical and contemporary narratives of severe weather events in Iowa counties as a means to engage Iowans in questions about the local effects of global climate change. Workshop participants will be part of the interdisciplinary, student and faculty, PWM team. After orientation into the fundamentals of climate change effects, climate changes attitudes in the US, research methods for gathering story data, and interview training, workshop participants will take up one or all of the following three tasks: research, write, and place on; travel with the Flood Resilience Project to conduct interviews with Iowans about severe weather resilience; and, as part of a Digital Bridges partnership with Grinnell College, mine big data acquired from Twitter to determine the role of social media in severe weather communication. All interested in climate change communication and writing for the public are welcome in the workshop. The interviewing and big data work comes with monetary as well as credit hour compensation; we will consider applicants for these positions from among those in the workshop.

We especially value those participants able to work with us for the entire academic year, but we will also accept participants for the fall only.

Contact Barbara Eckstein for additional information at