University of Iowa

Because we feel it, too.

"Producticration" (productivity + procrastination) is alive and well.

Kelly gif

You prune that plant, Kelly.

Stress eating is a real thing.

Lindsay gif

I hope there's enough peanut butter to go around.

Remember, it's OK to ask for help.

Emily gif

Why are things hard?

Oh, you have a question? We'll get back to you on that.

Art gif


All. The. Forms.

Jessica gif

You want a sticker? I'll give you a sticker.

Sometimes it's just easier to disappear.

Andy gif

Does anyone know where Andy went?

There are more questions than we have answers for.

Holly gif

The frustration can be debilitating.

Next window, please.

Katie gif

I can't even.

But alas, Finals Week is over and summer begins. It's time to let our hair down.

Bob gif

Shake it off... shake it off...

Peace out, Honors.

Niko gif