University of Iowa
Honors General Education Classes

General Education Offerings

Honors Seminar in Historical Perspective
Witchcraft Trials: Facts and Fiction

3 s.h.
3:30 – 4:45pm MW
E264 CB

Instructor: Waltraud Maierhofer

Honors Seminar in Literary Visual Performing Arts
Harry Potter and the Quest for Enlightenment

3 s.h.
11 – 12:15pm TTh
240 BHC

Instructor: Donna Parsons

Honors Seminar in Values Society & Diversity
Scripts, Glyphs, Characters, and Codes-Adventures in the History of Writing Cuneiform to Computers

3 s.h.
11 – 12:15pm TTh
440 BHC

Instructor: Sabine Golz

Honors Seminar in Values Society & Diversity
Slaves, Prostitutes, and Convicts: Writing the History of the Outcast

3 s.h.
11 – 12:15pm TTh
134 BHC

Instructors: Sarah Bond, Jason England

Interpretation of Literature
Reading the Ancient City

3 s.h.
2 – 3:15pm TTh
234 BHC

Instructor: Robert Ketterer